I’m so pleased to present Kurt Yalcin of the fabulous UGallery.com as September’s guest curator.  Kurt brings a fresh, masculine perspective and has skillfully put together a collection totaling exactly $1000.  So impressive!  Here’s Kurt:

My name is Kurt Yalcin and I’m the Community Manager at UGallery.com, an online art gallery! Our mission is to support artists and make fine art more accessible. When Norah offered me the opportunity to “curate1k,” I immediately thought of the guys I know who are searching to define their taste in art—the lone rangers of today.

This collection is an ode to the stylish (and, dare I say, affordable) bachelor pad. It’s the tale of a modern man and contains all the necessary components of a good story: asetting, an object, a character, and an emotion. The art released each day reveals snippets of the tale, so you can weave together the full story. Without further ado, I present to you “The Lone Ranger” collection. 

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    An entire art collection for $1000? Some may say, “Impossible.” We say, “Watch us!” Here is a special collection created...
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