I am thrilled to present Jennifer Ruocco of Artspace as March’s guest curator! There are some magic moments in the life of a blogger when you get to collaborate with your idols… this is absolutely how I feel about Artspace. I’ve admired them since starting curate 1k back in 2011, and it’s beyond exciting to have Jennifer on the site this week. As a super flattering bonus, she invited me to do an art-filled interview on Daily Artspace. Be sure to check it out! But first, here’s Jennifer:

There comes a point in adult life when you realize you need to graduate from posters and framed greeting cards and upgrade your art collection. Since I live in a small space and tend to move a lot, I seek out artworks that will complement each other if displayed side-by-side or salon style, but also will function as stand alone pieces. 

These five selections exemplify what I think would make a solid foundation to a personal collection. Though they are all limited-editions, they showcase a variety of techniques, from abstract photography and line drawings to a film still. I can see this group of artworks living harmoniously in my sitting room as they offer a balance between black and white works and those that burst with saturated color. They also reflect the mission of; though the artists represented are at different stages of their careers, the works are offered at similar price points, speaking to the philosophy that living with art should be easy and affordable, no matter where you live, or whom you know.

View Jennifer’s “1k collection” here. Enjoy!

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